Message from Director, ASTEC

The Aryabhatta Science Centre were set up in all the development blocks of the State of Assam in 2008 and have started showing results in building up scientific temper among the school students.

Aryabhatta Science Centres are providing a conducive platform for students, teachers and common people for enriching their knowledge and application of science and technology in day to day lives. These centres have been designed and equipped to encourage scientific temper among the students and community by way of providing books, learning kits, hands on tools, scientific equipments, thought provoking scientific video films, GPS etc. Through these centres, teachers have been trained with hands on activities for development of skill and knowledge.

It is my proud privilege to inform you that the science and technology Division of the council is building up a website “Discussion forum with coordinators and students” for making a platform for students and coordinators of Aryabhatta Science Centres of the state for exploration of need based science education in rural masses and stimulating curiosity and to interact online and reply to the queries raised by students in respect of science or any other related matter.

Wishing success and more of activities through these centres for benefit of all.




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