• A-1 One set of 2 Screw Driver- 6” & 9”
  • A-2 One standard set of Spanners
  • A-3 One no of Plier 8”
  • A-4 One no. of Tin Cutter 8”
  • A-5 One no. of Scissor 8”
  • A-6 A set of 3 Files, Half round, flat and triangular 8”
  • A-7 One set of 2 Chisels - ½” and 1”
  • A-8 One no. of Hammer-medium size
  • A-9 One no. of Anvil -15 kg
  • A-10 One no. of Hacksaw Frame and one set of blades
  • A-11 A set of 3 Saws: rip saw 16”(7tpi), dovetail saw10”,compass saw12”
  • A-12 One no. of Bench Vice(Portable, swivel base 3” )
  • A-13 One no. of Line tester 6”
  • A-14 One no. of Hand drill along with a set of drill bits size 1mm to 9mm
  • A-15 One no. of G.I Trunk (20 gauge thick) size 24” x 15” x12” (with lock and key facility)


    • B-1 Ordinary Balance- weighing scale upto 2 Kg with weight box.
    • B-2 Physical Balance- 500g with weight box
    • B-3 Spring Balance –weight upto 2kg
    • B-4 Magnetic Compass (For School laboratory )
    • B-5 Magnifying Glass-3”
    • B-6 Low cost Microscope (For school laboratory )
    • B-7 Measuring tape- 5 metre
    • B-8 Bar Magnet - 3”
    • B-9 Stop watch
    • B-10 Flexible wire ( 1.5 mm x 20 m)
    • B-11 Mirror(laboratory use)
    • B-12 Lenses( Concave, convex for laboratory use )
    • B-13 Measuring Cylinder- 500ml
    • B-14 A set of Beakers( 3nos. )-500ml, 250ml, 100 ml
    • B-15 Test tube 10ml-12 dozens
    • B-16 Glass tube 5mm, 1metre x 10 piece.
    • B-17 Rubber tube-10 metre
    • B-18 Funnel- 3”
    • B-19 Filter paper, 11cm -2 packets
    • B-20 Separating funnel- 250 ml


    Screw Driver A screwdriver is designed to turn screws. The blade is made of steel and is available in different lengths and diameters. The grinding of the tip to the correct shape is very important. A phillips (star) screw driver is specially designed to fit the head of philips screws. The end of the blade is fluted instead of flattened.
    Screw Driver
    Spanner A spanner or wrench is a tool for turning nuts and bolts. It is usually made of forged steel. There are many kinds of spanners. They are named according to the application. The size of the spanner denotes the size of the bolt on which it can work.
    Screw Driver
    Tin Cutter In a Tin Cutting factory there is a machine for cutting parts from tin plates. It has an extraordinarily sharp knife able to make horizontal or vertical segment cuts in the tin plates. Each cutting process consists of a sequence of such cuts. Each segment cut is given by its endpoints that are always located inside the tin plate. During the cutting process some parts of tin plate can fall out and so some holes in the plate can emerge.
    Screw Driver
    Scissor Scissors are a tool sed for cutting thin material which requires little force. They are used for cutting, for example: paper, cardboard, metal foil, thin plastic, food, cloth, rope, and wire. Scissors can also be used to cut hair and nails.Unlike a knife, a pair of scissors consist of two pivoted blades, each called a scissor. Most types of scissors are not particularly sharp; it is primarily the shearing between the two blades which cuts.

    Chisel chisel are used for removing surplus metal or for cutting thin sheets. These tools are made from 0.9% to 1.0% carbon steel of octagonal or hexagonal section . Chisels are annealed, hardened and tempered to produce a tough shank and hard cutting edge. Annealing relieves the internal stresses in the metal. The cutting angle of the chisel for general purposes is about 600
    Screw Driver

    Hammer Hammers are named, depending on their shape and material and specified by their weight. A ball peen hammer has a flat face, which is used for general work and a ball end, particularly used for riveting.
    Screw Driver

    FileFiling is one of the methods of removing small amounts of material from the surface of a metal part. A file is a hardened steel tool, having stant parallel rows of cutting edges or teeth on its surfaces. On the faces, the teeth are usually diagonal to the edge. One end of the file is shaped to fit into a wooden handle. The hand file is parallel in width and tapering slightly in thickness, towards the tip. It is provided with double cut teeth on the faces, single cut on one edge and no teeth on the other edge, which is known as the safe edge.
        Files are classified according to their shape, cutting teeth and pitch or grade of the teeth or profile - flat, round, half-round, square, triangular. The shape often defines their use. The triangle file's three flat sides make it useful for filing angles, grooves, and corne
    Screw Driver
    Types of Files based on their shape :

    1. Flat file : - Double cut on both sides and single cut on the edges - for general use
    2. Half round file – Double cut on the flat face and single cut on the curved face – for filing concave surfaces and internal corners.
    3. Square file – Double cut on all sides – for filing rectangular holes, slots and key ways.
    4. Round file – Double cut – for filing concave surfaces and circular opening
    5. Three square file – Double cut on all sides – for filling internal corners
    6. Swiss or needle file – 150 mm long, with double cut teath, self handle for intricate work

    AnvilIt Provides the necessary support during forging by resisting the heavy blows rendered to the job. It is also useful for operations such as bending, swaging etc. Its body is generally made of cast steel, wrought iron or mild steel, with a hardened top layer of about 20 to 25 mm thick.
    Screw Driver
    Beak is used for bending metal to round shapes. The hardle hole which is square, is used to hold square shank tools like hardles, swages and fullers. The punching hole is used for bending small rods and punching holes in the work. Anvils are made in sizes weighing from 25 to 250 kg. An anvil weighing about 75 kg. is suitable for general purpose.

    Dovetail Saw Use for fine wood cutting and have rigid piece along the back to prevent the saw from kinking during use

    Rip SawIt is used for cutting the stock along the grain. The cutting edge of this saw makes a steeper angle, i.e., about 600, whereas that of cross cut saw makes an angle of 450 with the surface of the stock.
    Screw Driver

    Compass SawUse for cutting wallboard, gypsum and backing board Resemble compass saws but have coarser teeth for cutting through wallboard quickly.
    Screw Driver

    Bench Vice A vise or vice is a mechanical screw apparatus used for holding or clamping a work piece to allow work to be performed on it with tools such as saws, planes, drills, mills, screwdrivers, sandpaper, etc. Vises usually have one fixed jaw and another, parallel, jaw which is moved towards or away from the fixed jaw by the screw.
    Screw Driver

    Line Tester A manually engagable, portable and disposable tester for torque limiting and torque indicating screwdrivers comprising a horizontal hand-held plate with top and bottom surfaces, front and rear ends, and opposite sides, an elongate deflection beam with front and rear ends in spaced parallel relationship above the plate, a vertical mounting pin at the front end of the beam engaged in the plate for
    Screw Driver
    free rotation and against horizontal and vertical displacement, a driver part with a vertical driving opening to establish rotary driving engagement with a screwdriver and fixed to and projecting rearwardly from the rear end of the beam, a pair of laterally spaced vertical reaction posts projecting up from the plate and in sliding bearing engagement with opposite sides of the beam at the rear end thereof, an elongate horizontal pointer with a rear end fixed to the driver and projecting forward in vertical spaced relationship with the beam .

    Hand Hack SawThe Hacksaws is used for cutting metal by hand. It consists of a frame which holds a thin blade, firmly in position. The bladed has a number of cutting teeth. The number of teeth per 25mm of the blade length, or threads per inch(T.P.I.) is selected on the basis of the type of job.
    Screw Driver

    Hand Drill Hand Drill is used for drilling a range of sizes of hole. The hand drill generally holes drill sizes from 1mm to 9mm. When using these drills, always hold them so that they are vertical and turn handle clockwise direction. Also, put scrap materials underneath the material to be drilled ao that the bench is not damaged by the bit as it “ bursts through the other side.
    Screw Driver      Screw Driver
    1.Clamp down the work to be drilled.
    2. Hold the brace or hand drill vertically.
    3.Turn the handle clockwise
    4. Place scarp material underneath the material to be drilled.
    5. If you feel it is necessary-wear goggles.
    6. Do not drill too quickly, take your time




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